On-Site in your facility - providing medical care that supplements attending physicians (minimize phone based medicine). Improve regulatory compliance and address facility F-Tag issues.

Partnering with First Care Providers will lower your readmission rates and census stabilization making you a top choice for referring area hospitals. Keep patients on site - When patients are treated on-site, you do not lose reimbursement.

We are currently facing a very challenging healthcare environment. Referring hospitals are focusing intently on re-admissions. The Affordable Care Act and new Medicare regulations are creating new challenges for post-acute care providers. Facilities that thrive in this new environment will be those that can attract patients, and keep them by delivering on site quality care.

First Care Providers offers full time medical management and nurse practitioner services for SNF’s. Our on-site NP’s target residents and patients who have acute medical needs. Our NP’s supplement physicians by caring for acutely ill patients, review test results, evaluate wounds, start IVs, communicate with families and educate nursing staff. We do not replace the physician; we are an extension of the physician.

Our NP’s are available full time, Monday through Friday to address the needs of your residents.

Our NP’s will see all the residents in the building, without respect to insurance coverage.

Not a problem, our NP’s will only see patients of the physicians who participate in the program and who agree to collaborate with the NP

We recruit and hire Geriatric NP’s with acute care experience

The NP is trained for nursing home setting and “hits the ground running”

We pre-screens and interview dozens of candidates to bring you the NP who is the best fit for your home.

You participate in the final selection of your Nurse Practioner.

Anything you would ask a physician to do, can be handled by your NP

The NP will round daily to address any medical issues including writing orders needed for your patients. No more phone tag with physicians.

The NP can be the notifying body for all changes in condition. (fevers, falls, weight loss, etc)

Orders and notes need no co-signature or approval.

The NP can write discharge notes and prescriptions for your residents going home.

The NP can receive notification lab results including pt/inr results.

Clipboards on every unit will be available for staff to write down problems they need the NP to address.

The NP can provide helpful defensive documentation for survey teams and lawyers.

Improve clinical outcomes – Hospital re-admissions can lead to stress and additional illness for patients. Our NP’s target patients at risk for re-hospitalization.

Increased patient/family satisfaction – Patients love the program, families are happy to see their loved ones treated from the comfort of their own bed.

Our NP’s will have collaboration agreements with each physician who participates in the program as well as with the medical director of the facility. Our NP’s are specifically trained to frequently communicate with the attending physician about any treatment he/she may provide as a result of change in condition of the resident.

Optimize length of stay (LOS) and reduce unplanned discharges to the hospital

Sensitive to PPS and reimbursement restraints

Market differentiation

Improve satisfaction with patients and families

Reduce liability exposure

Immediate on-site evaluation of patient condition

Standardized care regimens and formulary compliance

Standardized disease management systems

Cost-efficiency in handling clinically complex patients

Defensible documentation

Comprehensive and timely change in condition assessments

Daily presence during survey process

Improved code and regulatory compliance

Maintaining census and preventing rehospitalizations

Measure Effectiveness and track trends and establish benchmarks

If a physician has his/her own NP, our Nurse Practitioner will not need to see those patients. Our program can be effectively implemented in a facility with multiple NPs. Our goal as a member of the healthcare team is to increase the quality of care and improve patient outcomes.

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