Our Nurse Practitioners(NP'S) are an instrumental link in providing comprehensive care to the residents of your nursing home. We strengthen and support the attending physicians and the nursing staff to deliver consistency in patient care through early assessment of acute and chronic diseases.

Our on-site Nurse Practitioners will effectively :

  1. Reduce re-hospitalization rates
  2. Stabilize census
  3. Increase compliance
  4. Improve survey outcomes
  5. Improve the quality of life for residents

Our NP’s collaborate with the attending physicians, nursing staff and the facility management team to individualize care -planning through a holistic approach to assure reduction in future risk for hospitalization.

Our compassionate and effective on-site Nurse Practioner approach incorporates evidence-based medicine, emphasizes teamwork, communication and flexibility to deliver resident centered systems of care to improve quality of care for each resident at your facility.

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