Psychiatry Consulting Services: A trained and skilled Psyciatric Nurse Practitioner addresses regulatory compliance (F-319) in long-term Care Facilities and provides recommendations for wide range of mental health issues including: medication management(gradual dose reduction, medication to medication interactions). Our Psyciatric NPs also work in collaboration with your staff to improve the resident’s quality of life, decrease disruptive behaviors, enhance psychological wellbeing, and increase patient/family communication and satisfaction.

Physician Coverage Services: This service is specifically designed for our facility physicians who may want NP coverage at their medical offices, clinics, and Long-term Care Facilities while on leave of absence. Our NPs continue their practice without closing their offices or losing potential new patients, thus losing revenue.

Incontinence Consulting Services: A trained Nurse Practitioner addresses all residents with urinary incontinence issues through appropriate assessment, diagnosis and treatment regimen. Our program also targets those with (Urinary Tract Infections) and recommends steps to reduce future UTI’s. Our NPs provide recommendations that meet regulatory state compliance (F-315) and designed around as CMS initiatives and guidelines.

Protocol Consulting Services: We can provide or help design diagnosis specific protocol for your facility to address medical issues quickly and to improve patient's overall outcomes. We can also provide the facility with assessment and documentation tools to improve staff assessment and documentation skills.

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